Welcome to Pen and Fork…

The journey begins with a fork…

I’ve finally decided to start blogging. Should I welcome myself to the 21st century or should I be careful what I wish for? I first want to thank Corinna for helping me get Pen & Fork at WordPress….

Now that I have a blog, I’m drawing a blank about what to write about. I have written content for my website (www.penandfork.com) for years, but I only have to update it once a month. This blogging thing makes that seem old-fashioned.

Will I post every day? Probably not. What I do hope to accomplish with this blog is to create a dialog between you and me.

This blog will replace my monthly e-newsletter. And it’s even better than the email newsletter because you can comment as soon as you read it, and I will respond as soon as I read your comment… if you want me to comment, that is. I recognize that not every comment warrants a response.

Let the journey begin….with a fork….of course.


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