Sink or Swim

It’s here! My new baby…my new sink! Oh joy, oh joy.

I finally picked out a sink after debating it for, oh I don’t know, 3 years? What kind of sink to get? Stainless steel or one of those new composite sinks by Blanco?

Maybe I should stick with the porcelain coated cast iron sink that came with the house? I finally decided that stainless steel would suit me just fine, but with deep, large bowls big enough for my stockpots.

It was time for my old sink to go. The faucet was leaking, the porcelain finish was long gone, and the sink itself had serious dings from surviving 1,000 recipe testings for my three cookbooks, 500 cooking class preps, and a few meals I made just for us when testing and prepping wasn’t in session.

I bought the sink from Loews, because they offered to come and install it, too. That turned out to be problematic. The first guy they sent over, Mr. “No,” was not only just plain rude, he said I’d better be prepared to be without a sink until I found someone who could do tile work, if that became necessary. He didn’t do tile work. He didn’t know if it would need tile work, but if it did, he couldn’t do it. He said the problem was that Loews didn’t know how to sell sinks. I sent him on his way and called Loews.

They lined me up with another installer who did do tile work, in addition to installing sinks, if in fact, any tile work needed to be done. He didn’t show up. I call Loews and they called him. He called me and we rescheduled. He did eventually come and he was charming, polite and quite competent. Turns out he didn’t need to cut out any tile out after he removed the old sink but he could have, whereas Mr. No couldn’t have.

None of that matters now. I have a new sink. It looks great. There is only one problem. I don’t like it. I hope that I’m just suffering from separation anxiety over losing my old sink, and that I’ll come to love this sink. But it’s different. And I’m not sure I like it. But it doesn’t leak and it sure does look good. So maybe I will like it in a few days or a week. I hope so, because it’s mine now.


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