Survey Says…

I ran across a blog last night (I don’t even know how I got there… I started on one blog, a link from my brother, and once I got there, I saw another interesting link which led me to another blog, and of course, that blog had a cool link. So 50 layers in, I ended up on this particular blog that had a survey…. Whew!)

The survey asked: what is your favorite kind of food: Asian, Mexican, Indian, Italian, French or Other? Do you notice anything about this list? I did. My first thought was, where is American? Are we ‘other’? And what is American food?

American food is apple pie, right? And ice cream, and fried chicken, and grilled cheese, and a hamburger, of course (no, the Germans didn’t invent the hamburger…we did…and German wasn’t on the list of options, anyway).

Now, Mexican food is my favorite cuisine, so I’m not trying to cause trouble here; I was just curious as to why this list didn’t have an American option. We do have a cuisine, you know. So then I pondered, do other countries have food surveys that list American as an option? Is it considered ethnic like we consider Asian or Indian food?

These are the things that run through my brain at the end of the evening, when the dishes are done, the last drop of wine is drunk and I really should be taking out the trash instead of surfing the web.


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