Yin & Yong

That’s not a typo. I know the phrase is yin and yang, the Chinese philosophy that two opposite, yet complementary forces join to create unity.

My yin and yang is more yong. I tend to pair opposites that are not quite complementary to each other, but in my mind, create balance. My wacky, off kilter sense of balance. Here’s an example.

I am not the healthiest person on the planet (that would be my husband) but do love the idea of doing something good for my body once in a while, just to offset that extra beer I drank or that dessert I just had

to eat in the course of my work. (Seriously, I could just have a couple bites to evaluate that sweet thing, but if it’s good, it’s gone.)

Right now I’m drinking green tea. After a big cup of coffee in the morning, I make a cup of green tea. I usually pour it over ice, especially now since it’s so darn hot. I don’t know what polyphenols are, but apparently they’re good for you, and green tea is chock full of them. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely nuts. I sweeten it with Splenda. I’m sure that’s not good for me. See? Balance.


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