Chocolate to the rescue….

I was going to blab blog about summer zucchini, and what do to with them, since they seem to be multiplying in my crisper drawer, but then I sat down for a quick lunch and my whole world just came to a screeching halt.

I heated up some veggie beef skewers in a chipotle BBQ sauce (an item I picked up for a study I was working on), made by a company called it’s all good (liars). The picture on the package looks enticing, like real grilled beef kabobs. To be fair, the package gives directions for grilling and sautéing but I took the quick microwave route.

The first thing I noticed when I cut open the bag (once they were heated) was the smell. My two puppies noticed it before I did, thinking I was making them a mid-day snack. I can’t even describe how awful they taste. Vegetarians are never going to win me over with this kind of stuff. Thank goodness for the little bit of kick from the chipotle sauce.

The first ingredient is water, followed by soy protein, vital wheat gluten, natural flavors, and then modified vegetable gum. What the heck is modified vegetable gum? And honestly, I don’t know what natural flavors they put into this, enough to be the third ingredient, yet taste like anything but natural.

I had to eat a New Tree cinnamon-kissed chocolate bar just to wash the taste out of my mouth.


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