He’s back…

Just when I thought I was so over chipotle, he seduced me again.

But he didn’t do it alone this time. He called in the big guns – fried potato chips. Damn. He knows my weakness and exploits it, clever little chile, that one.

I lost interest in him, even with his smoky hotness, when every time I turned around, there he was. He was smothering me!

Chipotle mayonnaise. Chipotle salsa. Chipotle hummus. Chipotle, chipotle, chipotle. I was sick of the little smoked jalapeno.

But then, the brainy folks at Kettle Foods decided to pair my ex with evaporated sugar cane juice, and dust their thick, crunchy, organic potato chips with the powdery elixir.

Oh… my… goodness… resistance is futile… smoky… sweet …organic.

He’s back and I couldn’t be happier.

I only have one little comment for the folks at Kettle (OK, two). First, I realize you’ve trademarked Chipotle Chili Barbeque™, but did you know that “chili” means bowl of stew? “Chile” is the correct spelling when you mean the actual chile pepper, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary for the Culinary Arts.

Never mind, I just have to thank you for coming up with a fantastic flavor combination that made realize that I really can’t live without him – my little hot, chipotle.


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