Fool’s Gold?

Is it possible that garlic doesn’t go with everything? I didn’t think so until yesterday. I opened a bottle of Garlic Gold’s new Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. It’s organic and good for people who are either allergic to vinegar or on a low acid diet. I’m neither, but I couldn’t resist buying it because I love Meyer lemons.

I sprinkled pork tenderloin with lemon pepper and grilled it, thinking a salad dressed with my new Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette would be the perfect accompaniment. I did something you should never, ever do. I skipped tasting the vinaigrette before I poured it on the salad.

Sitting down to a big pile of organic greens, dressed with an organic vinaigrette and topped with a pork tenderloin from a local farmer, I’m thinking all is right with the world. And then I take a bite. And nothing is right in my mouth. The garlic flavor is so overwhelming and it’s not a fresh, pleasant bite from freshly chopped garlic. It is a bitter, old flavor from garlic that’s a little long in the tooth.

This was my first experience with Garlic Gold, and so I don’t know if it tastes “normal” or if I got hold of a bad bottle. One thing is for sure. There will be no more Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette dressed salads in this house. But just out of curiosity, I might pick up another product. I’d hate to declare Garlic Gold as fool’s gold until I give it another try.


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