Delta Does It Right

I’ve never enjoyed flying, and still don’t. The pressure on airlines today is tough. It seems every day there is a news story about how airlines are pinching consumers in their fight for survival. Editorial cartoons are poking fun at all the extra fees airlines are piling on, from baggage fees to charging for the miniscule bag of peanuts. Flight attendants are stressed to do more with less time, and somewhere along the way, many of them have not only lost their sense of humor, they’ve lost their customer service skills.

I wasn’t looking forward to my flight to Atlanta last weekend, but a wonderful thing happened. I had a pleasant experience, from start to finish (except for the turbulence, which isn’t the airlines fault). I flew Delta, and expecting the worst, I received the best. The flight attendants were warm and caring – and funny, using their skills to serve, sooth, and comfort.

Delta is trying to bring back the days when flying was fun. Even though you have to pay for meals in coach, Delta has printed gorgeous menus called “EATS” with a scrumptious shot of grilled shrimp on the front. Inside the menu is a picture of Todd English, the celebrity chef who consulted on the menu development.

Instead of relying on the harried flight attendants to tell you what’s in their cart, the menu allows you to see and read descriptions. Strawberry Cream Cheese Crêpe ($4) is “an indulgent blend of strawberry preserves, cream cheese and light brown sugar wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, served with a side of fresh fruit including honeydew melon, pineapple and orange sections.” Doesn’t that sound delicious?

If Delta can do it, I don’t understand why U.S. Air and American can’t. So, kudos to Delta for remembering that we do have a choice in airlines; I know that next time I fly, I’ll be checking the Delta schedules first.


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