Take it off!

Is wearing a ball cap in a nice restaurant still taboo? Or am I just old-fashioned?

Last evening, we’re seated in a high-end restaurant, but one that doesn’t necessarily require you to dress up. You’d feel comfortable in jeans and a nice sweater. The restaurant is in a resort town, and casual dress is the norm.

The white cloth tables are set with wine glasses and heavy silverware.The menu is gourmet (entrees range from $20 to $40).

In walks a young, late twenties/early thirties couple, and the guy is sporting a red ball cap. I notice that he doesn’t remove it. I shouldn’t look at him but he is in my direct line of sight.

So I’m asking: is that becoming the norm among the next generation? Or did his mama just not teach him any manners?


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  1. You and I must be of the same generation because I am as amazed and offended by this attitude as you are. It seems unfortunately to be the norm especially with baseball caps. My wife wrote a delightful blog entry on this very subject on our website:
    Lormanners.com called “Hats Off”, that you might enjoy.http://lordmanners.com/?p=7

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