Political Indigestion

Food and politics are a recipe for indigestion, but I have to mix them just for a minute. I am a flag-waving, card-carrying independent, and usually, I keep my political opinions to myself, but today, I feel compelled to say something.

I’m not sure our elected officials are in touch with reality. I interviewed a woman yesterday for a story. She owns a small food business. She had just received a letter from her bank announcing that her line of credit was frozen. Kaput.

She needs that credit to make it through the holiday season — a significant majority of her annual revenue is generated between October and December. And now, she may not be able to hire the seasonal employees she needs, rent the extra commercial kitchen space she needs, and, and, and. And, she’s never defaulted on a single payment in the past and only carries debt when she needs to.

It’s frustrating to hear the media spew comments from “the general public” who feel that the current credit crisis is a wall street/rich person’s problem. It’s impacting everyone, some are just lucky enough not to feel it right this moment. But it will eventually touch everyone.

I hope the people in Washington wake up and smell the coffee. Soon.


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