Sexy Soda

The problem with soda pops is that they are too sugary sweet, even the diet ones. So imagine my delight when I read about a new kind of soda, called Dry Soda.

Made by a Seattle company, Dry Soda is a refreshing alternative to sickly sweet sodas. It’s sexy, with barely a whisper of sweetness from pure cane sugar and each 12 oz. bottle only contains 50 calories.

So far I’ve tried the Lemongrass flavor and the Rhubarb flavor. Next on my list are the Kumquat and Lavender flavors. I was surprised at how little sweet flavor there was, and the sodas aren’t too bubbly, just enough to be refreshing.

The Rhubarb is, um, an acquired taste, but I totally fell in love with the Lemongrass. It’s delicately flavored with a subtle undertone of the unique flavor of lemongrass — not quite lemon, not quite lime, but somewhere in between.

I’ve heard that Dry Soda is on the verge of releasing two new flavors — Vanilla Bean and, get this — Juniper Berry (oh, Gin lovers rejoice!)

I found Dry Soda in 4 packs at Whole Foods. I wish they would package a variety pack, though, so you could get one of each flavor. But at least you only buy 4 at a time, so if you don’t like a flavor (eh hm, Rhubarb), you don’t have a whole pantry full of them.

The Dry Soda website has recipes for each flavor, and I think I’ll take my other three Rhubarb flavors and make Rhubarb Mojitos out of them. Everything goes with rum, right?


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