Too Many Choices…

Seriously, how difficult can it be? I’m on the hunt for a new coffee machine. Our Krups coffee/esspresso machine is 16 years old, and has been telling us for a while now that she’s tired. Three years ago, we stayed in a bed and breakfast in Creede, Colorado and fell in love with the Saeco machine the proprietress had.

I searched for one when we returned home, but was overwhelmed at all the choices, so I did what any rational person would do. I quit searching, and basically ignored the issue. About a year ago, our little Krups started acting up again, so I went on the hunt again.

Jeff’s buddy Bob, a coffee connoisseur, told us about his favorite brand. Once again I was overwhelmed so, I pushed the thought out of my mind and coaxed the Krups back into service. (A little cleaning with water and vinegar does wonders.)

Now the Krups is doing something I don’t think I can fix — or ignore. It’s burning our coffee. On purpose, I think. So, I’m hunting again. And I’m overwhelmed again. Capresso, Miele, DeLonghi, Bosch, La Marzocco… what’s a girl to do?


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