A Tale of Two Cornbreads

Cornbread is nothing more than a quick bread. And in some parts of the South, it’s just as sweet, which was a shock to me the first time I tasted my husband’s cornbread after we first married (when he did all the cooking because I didn’t know how.)

He opened a box of Jiffy and whipped up a pan of cornbread that is more accurately corn “cake.” After almost 20 years of marriage, I still can’t bring myself to call what I make for him cornbread. And in fact, the best cornbread he thinks I make still comes from a box.

The cornbread I grew up on didn’t have a grain of sugar in it. It was mealy, a bit dry, and in my Mom’s hands, the basis of the best cornbread dressing ever. She never measured a thing, yet every time her cornbread came out the same way it did the hundred times before.

I’ve tried taking Mom’s basic cornbread recipe and adding sugar to it. It doesn’t quite work. I’ve tried more eggs, less eggs. I can’t seem to replicate the texture and taste of box cornbread when I make it from scratch.

So I’ve finally resolved that the box wins. And, you know what? It’s a heck of of lot easier opening a box than making it from scratch.


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  1. bethberes

    Love homemade cornbread

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