Soak it up…

chloe-sunbathingShe sits in the window, chin raised, eyes closed, bathing in the warm afternoon sun. Dogs love catching a few rays, but their masters physically need sunshine. Our bodies, the skin in particular, convert ultraviolet rays from the sun into Vitamin D.

Some nutritionists argue that we can’t get all the Vitamin D we need from food alone, and supplements aren’t absorbed as much as we think they are (and there is such a thing as too much Vitamin D). Food sources for Vitamin D include fatty fishes (like salmon) and fish oils (cod liver oil, anyone?) and many foods are fortified with Vitamin D, like cereals and milk.

Why do we need Vitamin D? Because it is essential for calcium absorption, and we need calcium for strong bones, among other things. Now, I’m not an expert on nutrition, but if I need more Vitamin D in my diet, am I going to take a swig of cod liver oil, or am I going to take a walk in the sunshine? What do you think?


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