A challenge?

One of the things I love about blogging on WordPress.com is the auto-generated, possibly related links to each post.

I’ve found some interesting things, thanks to this savvy little tool. And people have stumbled onto my site in much the same way, reading someone else’s blog and clicking on a related post that lands them in Pen & Fork land.

One of the possibly related links on my “world’s most expensive granola” post said: “the best granola ever!”

So, natch, I clicked through to see what “the best granola ever!” is all about.

No way, Jose, was my gut reaction. I mean, how could the nutty nutritionist have “the best granola ever?”

I’m not sure the words “nutrition” and “the best granola ever” can peacefully co-exist. I’ve tested more than 20 granola recipes for my cookbooks, and two, make that three, were worth printing. The healthy granolas were in no way the best tasting ones. Not even close. Maybe the nutty nutritionist meant “best” in some other category other than taste.

The world’s most expensive granola might not be the most nutritious granola, but it is wholesome, made with whole grains, healthy nuts, and then coated in a a glycemic train wreck of sugar (albeit honey and brown sugar, with some sugary coconut and some super sweet dried fruit.)

You won’t see me making claims about the nutritional benefits of the world’s most expensive granola. I will, however, stack it up against any other granola recipe out there in a head to head taste competition.

So, dear readers, do you have a recipe that you consider “the best granola ever?”  Bring it on! We’ll have a contest.


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