How to Supreme an Orange

Those silly Frenchmen. They come up with the fanciest names for the some of the most pedestrian techniques. A “supreme” is nothing more than a section. Here’s how you do it.


Cut off the top so that the orange flesh is visible. It might be 1/2 an inch, or slightly more if the pith is especially thick.


Now cut off the same amount from the bottom so that the orange sits flat.


Now cut from top to bottom curving the knife to the shape of the orange. Repeat all the way around until all you have left is a bright orange, fleshy ball.


Next, cut in between the white sections, placing your knife as close to the white membrane as possible, and slicing to the core. If you follow the membrane, you’ll see that you’re cutting out wedges.

And there you have it: Orange Supremes.

Why would you want orange supremes? Because they’re purdy. Oh, I guess I should say joli.



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6 responses to “How to Supreme an Orange

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  2. This is so beautiful. I’ve always wondered how to do this, so when I came across your blog I was pleasantly surprised to say the least :). I actually work with Del Monte, so you would think I’d know how to do this with fruit lol. Since you were kind enough to share this with us, I wanted to share something as well. If you’re looking to expand your dessert options, look out for Fruit Chillers. They’re new frozen desserts made from real fruit, so it’s healthy too. If you want to check out our site, we have coupons and recipes for awesome desserts, like homemade frozen yogurt!

    • Hi Mary…. why, yes, seeing that you work for Del Monte, I am surprised that you didn’t know how to section an orange. I take it you don’t work in the kitchen at Del Monte. I’m guessing you work in marketing.

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