The Eyes have it… Or do they?

It’s true.

We eat with our eyes first.

Certainly when dining out, the eyes have it.

Of course, the nose really gets bent out of joint about this.

The nose can decide to join the party or it can throw a fit and rebel, which only spoils the party for everyone, including the tongue.

Especially the tongue, who waits patiently while these two yahoos make up their minds.

A particular Indian restaurant in San Francisco has clearly figured this out.

It presents food that is first appealing to the eyes, even though it is the fragrance of their gloriously spiced food that truly boggles the mind.

Frankly, it’s hard to miss the fragrance when you first walk into the restaurant, but — and this is my whole point — until the eyes scope out the scene, the nose can sniff all it wants. What does it look like, baby?

Heady aromas that make you swoon will come to a screeching halt if the food is haphazardly presented as goopy globs on a plate.

Rather than assuming the nose will just get over itself, Amber India decides to placate the eyes first with beautiful presentations of otherwise homey concoctions that only a nose or a mother could love.

Am I wrong?

Of course the real test, the “final answer” so to speak, ultimately belongs to the tongue. But it has to wait, patiently, until the eyes and the nose have rendered their judgments.

So which do you think is more important? The eyes or the nose? Or, are you all about the tongue, eyes and nose be damned?



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3 responses to “The Eyes have it… Or do they?

  1. To me, it’s a combination of eyes, nose, and tongue. If it tastes great but looks like crap on a plate, I’m less likely to go back. Eating is about pleasing all of the senses, no?

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