Cookbooks & Cocktails Event

Public Libraries are treasure troves of things I love.

Books… Information… Quiet space… Community… Free.

The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library contacted me several months ago asking if I’d do a demo at the grand opening of their newest branch in North Scottsdale, the Appaloosa.

I don’t make public appearances like I used to. I review restaurants now, and while I don’t try to disguise my identity, I don’t walk in announcing myself either.

But how could I refuse? I love libraries, and a new one was opening practically in my back yard.

Then Susie Timm and Jay Pizarro from Foodies Like Us took over the planning and ramped up the Grand Opening event, smartly turning it into a fundraiser for the library.

They landed TV Food Network star Robin Miller, who happens to be a Scottsdale resident, too. I can’t wait to meet her.

Wine author Lizbeth Congiusti will also be on hand, and boy, did I ever pick out a tough assignment for her.

My demo is The Anatomy of a Great Vinaigrette — not the easiest thing to pair with wine, but Lizbeth is up for the challenge and will have some great suggestions on what to pair with vinegar based salad dressings.

I’m going to show you how to make as many different vinaigrettes as you can possibly dream up.

I’ll demo two for you, but I’ll also teach you how to make hundreds, just by varying a few key components.

So, Robin will dish on what it’s like to be a Food Network star, I’ll show you how to jazz up your summer salads, and Lizbeth with share wine pairing tips.

All three of us will sign our books at the end of the evening, and there’s a silent auction, too. I’m donating the proceeds from any books you buy to the library.

To purchase a ticket to the event (it’s only $30 in advance), visit www.foodieslikeus. com.

Hope to see you Friday, March 26th at 6:00 p.m.


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