Redux: World’s Most Expensive Granola

Like you, I’ve tasted many granolas over the years. Hands down, this is still, by far, the best.

People ask me if it’s healthy. After all, the term granola-head refers to someone who shops at health food markets populated by bins and bins of various granola flavors.

I prefer to answer it is “wholesome” instead of healthy. Why? Because it is loaded with sugar and nuts, albeit mostly natural sugar (brown sugar, maple syrup and honey) and heart healthy fats from three kinds of nuts.

I’ve never had the guts to run it through a calorie counter, though. I prefer just to eat and enjoy it without knowing exactly how many extra calories I’ve added to my low-fat yogurt.

Here’s the original post and the recipe. Make a batch and tell me if you think it’s the best tasting granola you’ve ever tasted.

I know it will be one of the most expensive ones you’ve ever tasted. But you’re worth it.

World’s Most Expensive Granola

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  1. J Lindsey

    Yeah … thanks for posting this one!

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