Digesting Italy…

Many of you know I just returned from a three week exploration of Italy. I know you know because I keep getting questions about when am I going to share what I learned.

I’ll be gathering my thoughts and sharing my experiences with you all in due time.

For now, I am in the throes of catching up, working on “best of” picks for PHOENIX Magazine’s fall issues, and generally still digesting all the pasta and pizza I consumed.

I thought I’d share this picture with you, because it’s something that I did a lot of while exploring Italy….peering into darkened ristorantes, eagerly awaiting dinner time.



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3 responses to “Digesting Italy…

  1. Steve

    How much is that “agnolotti” in the window? (you know what tune to hum this to).

    Can’t wait to read the stories and see the pictures!

  2. Eagerly awaiting posts on all things Italy…

    So nice to have you back in AZ. The sunshine here is a little brighter now that you’re back.



  3. Ah, I know that stance well! Can’t wait to read about your gustatory adventures.

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