The journey begins with a fork…

Gwen Ashley Walters is a professionally trained chef, a Certified Culinary Professional and author of three award-winning cookbooks.  She writes about food for a number of publications and spends the rest of her time either thinking about food, eating food or planning her next meal. Her website is penandfork.com.

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  1. Dear Chef Gwen, I wanted to thank you for your blog on our Bamboo Rice. I started Urban Accents in my basement in Chicago 12 years ago. We started with 12 all-natural spice blends. Now we have over 120 specialty food items in our line.

    I know that the Bamboo Rice is expensive! There were crop shortages and freight increases all through 2007 – 2008. We hope to see some leveling off later this year.

    Take a look at my website and if you see anything you’d like to try I’d be happy to send it along. I get out to Portland every now and then. I love Leroux Kitchen and I don’t think anyone make better chowder than Gilberts!

    Thanks again for trying and writing about our products. Please let me know if you have any questions about us.



  2. Dear Tom:

    I’m glad you found my blog post about your rice.

    And thank you for the insight about why it was so darn expensive! Delicious, but pricey, for sure.

    I write about whatever strikes my fancy, and your bamboo rice caught my eye at the store so I gave it a try. Glad I did.

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  4. Eric

    Do you have an RSS feed to your website? I have a cooking page on Google and I would love to add you to that page. BTW, I found your comment on Simply Recipes which led me to your homepage. I live right outside Portland and am eager to try some of your restaurant picks.


  5. Im a full time student at ISU and work full time as a restaurant manager in order to be able to afford to go to school. For one of my classes we have to set up a blog account and a website dealing with an area of expertise and i chose dining out since i have always worked in the restaurant industry. I read you blog and agree that those are all great tips on saving money while eating out. People do dine this way during tough time because i witness this day to day.

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  7. Leesa

    Miss Gwen — 🙂

    Any chance of announcing the winner? I know the tickets are going fast, and I’d like to get them online this week if I’m not the winner — thanks so much for the opportunity!


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