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New Pen & Fork Launch

We’re Moving!

Chef Gwen has combined her wordpress blog with her website to create a more robust food blog.

Pen & Fork (penandfork.com) is a food blog about cooking and eating — at home and in restaurants — and everywhere in between.

Find recipes, cooking tips, cookbook reviews, kitchen tool finds and articles about restaurants, dining out and food travels.

If you subscribe to penandfork.wordpress.com blog, please consider resubscribing to the new site at penandfork.com.

Check it out: http://penandfork.com.


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Best Pen & Fork Photo – Winner

We have a winner in the Best Pen & Fork Photo contest!

We drew a name out of a hat from the entries, and the winner is….


Thanks to everyone who voted. The favorite photo, by a landslide, was the Buttermilk Pancakes with Quinoa.

That’s not motor oil (although I guess that’s been done before, by some food stylist.) I assure you that it was Trader Joe’s Grade B Vermont syrup…I keep it in the fridge, so it’s nice and thick. And I held the camera (Canon 20D on a tripod) with one hand, and poured the syrup with the other. The light coming from the left of the photo is natural window light. The pancakes were immediately consumed after the shot by my husband. OK, I had a bite first, then he finished them.

Official Vote tally:

16 votes: Buttermilk Pancakes with Quinoa
4 votes: Crazy for Zucchini
2 votes: How to Seed a Pomegranate
1 vote: Cafe Bink Hosts…
1 vote: Mandarin Orange Dust

Jessica wins a copy of Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods by Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian.

Thanks again to everyone who voted, and thank you all for coming along on this journey with me, pen & fork in hand.

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Pen & Fork Blog Turns Two

And they said it wouldn’t last. I’m kidding, no one said that. Except me. But hey, I was wrong.

Not that I would spit on anyone’s food before I served it or anything remotely violent if they had said that.

Most likely, I’d just cry. And there’s no crying in food blogging…unless onions are involved…and in that case, I have my trusty onion goggles.

Last year, I handed out completely unfounded awards to celebrate the 1st anniversary (or birthday?) but this year I have a much better idea.

In the interest of short attention spans (my own), I’m going with only one category:

Best Pen & Fork Photo.

And, more importantly, I want you to vote.

Sure, I could pick one, but that’s almost as lame as last year’s awards (except… shortly after that self-aggrandizing post, Pen & Fork did pick up it’s first, non-aggrandizing award…coincidence? Yeah, probably.)

Anyway, here are this year’s nominees for best photo:

#1 Buttermilk Pancakes with Quinoa

#2 Crazy for Zucchini

#3 Cafe Bink Hosts…

#4 How to Seed a Pomegranate

#5 Mandarin Orange Dust

Cast your vote and you’ll be thrown into a hat (not you literally — your entry) and my trusty assistant (or dog, depending upon who is available) will draw an entry out of the hat.

Fine Print:
Your vote must be cast on THIS post. If you cast your vote on another post, your name will NOT go into the hat. Not that I don’t appreciate any and all comments on any post, but to get into this random drawing, you have to cast your vote in the comments on THIS post. Voting ends Saturday, June 19th at 11:59 p.m. I’ll announce the winner by Tuesday morning, June 22, 2010. Only one vote per person. No alternate entry is valid. Whining, complaining and blatant brown-nosing (although appreciated) will not improve your chances.

The Prize:

The randomly selected commenter will receive a copy of the new Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods.

(Full disclosure: I have a couple entries in this book, mentioned in this previous post, but it’s a really great book in spite of that.)

In all seriousness,  I just want to say thank you…for accompanying me on this journey, with a fork in hand, I hope. Without you? Well, I wouldn’t do this.

Let the voting commence!

Which photo will win “Readers Choice: Best Pen & Fork Photo?”


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Happy 1 Year Anniversary…

[Contest now closed. We have a winner! Thanks to all who participated!]


Holy Crap. Cow.

Pen & Fork (the journey begins with a fork…) blog is ONE YEAR OLD!

(And they said it’d never last.)

Actually, no one said that. I made it up.

In honor of being ONE YEAR OLD, I’m handing out completely unfounded awards for some of the posts I’ve written during the past year. Oh, there’s something in this for you, too. I’m not completely narcissistic.

Drum roll, please….

First Annual

Pen & Fork Blog Post Awards


♥ Most popular

50 Quintessential American Dishes

This post even spurred others to create their own list and could have been the inspiration for the festival-gone-horribly-wrong.

♦ Least popular

Sink or Swim

Pretty much anything I wrote the first couple of months would qualify based on traffic counts but Sink or Swim was really fun to write.

♦ Best Recipe

Aunt Sally’s Pork Marinade

As tempted as I am to point you to one of my own creations, like the real guacamole, or a recipe from one of my three cookbooks, like the world’s most expensive granola, I awarded the best recipe to Aunt Sally’s Pork marinade because it really deserves to be in your repetoire.

♦ Best Essay

Top Ten Kitchen Tools

I’m not surprised I picked a list of kitchen tools as my favorite essay. Are you?

♦ Best Photo

Now & Later: Cherries

Reading other people’s blogs about photography (Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman) and a photo editing class at our community college class have helped hone my photography skills. But most of the credit goes to Arizona’s gift of sunlight.

Well, folks, that about wraps up our awards ceremony. Thank you for coming. It’s been fun bringing you completely ad free, random thoughts, recipes and kitchen tips throughout this past year.

Goodnight everyone… oh, one more thing…

The real award….

One lucky commenter will get an autographed copy of my first cookbook, The Great Ranch Cookbook.

It features 30 western guest ranches from Texas to Alaska and is jam-packed with great recipes, like my very favorite Molasses Marinated Beef Tenderloin that is our traditional Christmas Day dinner and a pretty darn tasty Molten Mexican Chocolate Ecstasy that needs no other explanation.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite Pen & Fork post is and why. Simple!

Fine print:
Here’s how this will work. Only 1 entry per valid email address. I’ll print out every qualified comment I get between now and next Saturday night, fold it up and put it in a hat. The official deadline is 11:59 p.m. Saturday, June 20, 2009. By qualified I mean you aren’t a spammer, you commented with both the name of the post and why it was your favorite, and you have a valid email address. Sometime next Sunday, June 21, between celebrating Father’s Day, bathing the dogs and doing laundry, my assistant will select a printed comment out of the hat and that’s who gets a copy of the book. I’ll email you to get your mailing address. You agree to let me post your user name (but not your email address, I would NEVER do that) in a future blog announcing the winner. As always, employees of Pen & Fork (me) will not be eligible, nor will any family members. (I’d like to say that serial killers, dog-haters, and genuinely evil people are not eligible but I don’t think I can technically exclude them. I doubt those people read my blog anyway, so I’m probably worrying about something for nothing). Odds of winning are completely dependent upon the number of qualified entries and odds of me holding another contest like this one are completely dependent upon how this one goes.


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Welcome to Pen and Fork…

The journey begins with a fork…

I’ve finally decided to start blogging. Should I welcome myself to the 21st century or should I be careful what I wish for? I first want to thank Corinna for helping me get Pen & Fork at WordPress….

Now that I have a blog, I’m drawing a blank about what to write about. I have written content for my website (www.penandfork.com) for years, but I only have to update it once a month. This blogging thing makes that seem old-fashioned.

Will I post every day? Probably not. What I do hope to accomplish with this blog is to create a dialog between you and me.

This blog will replace my monthly e-newsletter. And it’s even better than the email newsletter because you can comment as soon as you read it, and I will respond as soon as I read your comment… if you want me to comment, that is. I recognize that not every comment warrants a response.

Let the journey begin….with a fork….of course.

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